Welcome to the Website for Smartest Bookmarks Bar

Smartest Bookmarks Bar is an add-on for Firefox.

This add-on makes it possible to fit all of your Bookmarks on your Bookmarks Toolbar by removing the text accompanying Bookmarks and/or Folders.

In addition, you can align the Bookmarks to the left, right or center.

If there are lots of Bookmarks, the Bookmarks Toolbar also adjusts the space between the remaining favicons to fit them onto one row of the Bookmarks Toolbar, if possible.

This website has a support forum to make sure that the Bookmarks Toolbar works as it is intended. Feel free to use our forum to ask any questions or make feature suggestions.

Please search the forum to see if your question has already been asked and answered.

Beta Version of Smartest Bookmarks Bar for Firefox 4 is now available!

We are testing out our beta version of Smartest Bookmarks Bar for Firefox 4. Please give it a go and visit our forum to let us know if you find any issues.

There are a few new features for the next version of Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar:
✔ Remove text from Bookmarks and/or Folders to show Icons only, similar to Smart Bookmarks Bar except you can see the text as a tooltip instead of pushing icons down the bar.
✔ Fits the remaining favicons on one row of the Toolbar, if possible.
✔ Autohide
✔ Choose the amount of time before the bar hides

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